ADIF Master

ADIF Master is a highly user-configurable Windows application for working with HAM radio logbooks in ADIF format. ADIF is a generally accepted format for transferring logs between different Logging programs. ADIF Master allows converting any existing Cabrillo, ADX, TR, and CT logs or a part of it into an ADIF file. Also, you can use ADIF Master to open and modify existing ADIF logs using customizable filters, add, remove and modify ADIF tags and entries.

ADIF Master
Current version: 3.5
Size of a file zip: 724 KB
Date Published: February 7, 2023

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The minimal requirements:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
640x480 screen and higher
16bit colour and above
64Mb RAM and is higher

What's new in ADIF Master?

Version 3.5

Supported ADIF version 3.1.4
Implemented Find All feature.
Implemented Save Selected as ADIF feature.
Updated context menu logic.
Added *.adif file extension support.
Fixed a few minor bugs.
Version 3.4

Supported ADIF version 3.1.2
Added Statistics feature.
Added Recent Files list.
Implemented general Replace feature.
Updated row Selection logic.
Sort by QSO Date and Time feature.
Fixed a few minor bugs.
Version 3.3

Updated Copy/Paste logic.
Implemented Add QSOs manually feature.
Added Status Pane with the current position and selection.
Added Separate QSO lines feature.
Fixed a few minor bugs.
Version 3.2

Updated Save/Save As logic.
Implemented Move Row Up/Down features.
Added Select Whole Row option.
Fixed a few minor bugs.
Version 3.1

Supported ADIF version 3.1.0 (including FT4 submode).
Added VersionUpdater utility.
Implemented Copy Line as ADIF and CSV features.
Implemented Copy/Paste Line feature.
Added Reload button on the toolbar.
Fixed a few minor bugs.
Version 3.0

Supported ADIF version 3.0.9 (including JS8 submode).
Implemented Fix Time tool.
Added Reload log option.
Fixed a few minor bugs.
Version 2.9

Implemented bandplan options for Make <FREQ> from <BAND> tool.
Added prompt to save/quit before closing window.
Updated Merge ADIF feature.
Fixed a few minor bugs.
Version 2.8

Improved loading and saving functionality.
Implemented custom font selection.
Added Make <CALL> Uppercase/Lowercase tools.
Fixed a few minor bugs.
Version 2.7

Added multilevel Undo and Redo functionality.
Supported ADIF version 3.0.8
Updated toolbar and menus.
Fixed a few minor bugs.
Version 2.6

Supported ADIF version 3.0.7
Added export to ADX format.
Added support for Unicode logs.
Added filters by Submode and Callsign.
Implemented re-order columns feature.
Fixed a few minor bugs.
Version 2.5

Supported ADIF version 3.0.6
Added import from ADX format.
Improved import from Cabrillo format.
Updated Editor for bands, modes, and submodes.
Implemented Setup Wizard with Uninstall support.
Added support for high DPI displays on Windows 10.
Updated program icon.
Fixed a few minor bugs.

Version Package Link Size
3.5 Setup wizard Download 724 KB (ZIP)
Program package (no installation required) Download 450 KB (ZIP)
Previous versions
Version Package Link Size
3.4 Program package (ZIP) Download 444 KB (ZIP)
3.3 Program package (ZIP) Download 434 KB (ZIP)
3.2 Program package (ZIP) Download 429 KB (ZIP)
3.1 Program package (ZIP) Download 428 KB (ZIP)
3.0 Program package (ZIP) Download 397 KB (ZIP)
2.9 Program package (ZIP) Download 394 KB (ZIP)
2.8 Program package (ZIP) Download 390 KB (ZIP)
2.7 Program package (ZIP) Download 382 KB (ZIP)
2.6 Program package (ZIP) Download 365 KB (ZIP)
2.5 Program package (ZIP) Download 359 KB (ZIP)
2.4 Program package (ZIP) Download 323 KB (ZIP)
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