Contest LogChecker

Contest LogChecker is a set of contest tools for Microsoft Windows, combining advanced text editing with keyword highlighted, and the ease and flexibility of import, export, statistics and charting utilities.

With LogChecker you can edit, fill in the log, check Cabrillo Format and Header, convert files from the most popular logging software to Cabrillo and ADIF, print customizable files, calculate statistics, and export logs to RTF, PDF or HTML for publishing.

With Contest LogChecker you can:

Check Cabrillo Log Format, including line length, white spaces position, mode, frequency, date and time value.
Check QSO Entries, including duplications check, Master Callsign Database and FCC Database maintenance.
Verify callsigns in the Callbook (BuckMaster HamCall, QRZ, RAC, and Eurocall).
Create and Edit the entire Cabrillo Header (version 3.0).
Convert logs to ADIF, Cabrillo, and Excel CSV format.
Fill in the log directly to Cabrillo format (from paper log).
Import from different HAM-radio log program formats (ADIF, CT, TRLOG, STF, EDI, ADX etc.).
Sort QSO by Date/Time.
Calculate Statistics for the most popular contests and save all the data to a file.
Create Contest Chart for QSO, Points and Multipliers separately and save the chart picture to a file.
Special Export to RTF, PDF and HTML for publishing.
Use a powerful, highly customizable, and easy to use editing environment.
Create smart dynamic bookmarks using hot keys or menu items.
Cut, Copy, Paste, Insert, Delete, Find, Replace, and multilevel Undo/Redo.
Change Line Endings (UNIX, Windows, and Mac formats).
High quality printing logs with customized fonts and colors.
And more...

Contest LogChecker
Current version: 5.0
Size of a file zip: 7.27 MB
Date Published: March 11, 2022

The minimal requirements:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
640x480 screen and higher
16bit colour and above
64Mb RAM and is higher

LogChecker can be used to convert Amateur Radio log files to a Cabrillo format and to convert Cabrillo log files to an ADIF format. The LogChecker currently supports the following file formats: ADIF, CT v8, v9, v10, STF, TR Log, EDI, ARRL, MixW, ADX, MDB, DBF, Excel (.xls), any comma and TAB or white spaces delimited files.

Log Converter
Log Calculator
Cabrillo Doctor
LogChecker can be used to calculate statistics for the most popular Contests.
The LogChecker allows to create Contest Chart for QSO, Points and Multipliers separately and save chart picture to a file.

See what's new in Log Checker version 5.0 here, all supported contests and cabrillo format definitions.

Video Tutorials
N Description Link Size
1. How to convert a log from Cabrillo to ADIF format View 991 KB (MP4)
2. How to convert a log from ADIF to Cabrillo format View 683 KB (MP4)
3. How to convert a K1EA log to ADIF format View 1.51 MB (MP4)
4. How to check and repair a Cabrillo log View 1.39 MB (MP4)
5. How to check and repair Cabrillo QSO entries View 1.28 MB (MP4)
6. How to convert a Cabrillo Header to version 3.0 View 436 KB (MP4)
7. How to calculate statistics View 677 KB (MP4)
8. How to create a Cabrillo log manually View 1.02 MB (MP4)
9. How to use Cabrillo Columns with Cabrillo Doctor to repair the log View 842 KB (MP4)
10. How to use Replace, Align and Trim Columns, and Convert Serial numbers features View 1.91 MB (MP4)
11. How to Align Columns in a Cabrillo log View 1.70 MB (MP4)
12. How to use Duplicate and Unite Columns features View 805 KB (MP4)
13. How to Insert Column in Cabrillo file and Trim Lines View 1.26 MB (MP4)
14. How to prepare and convert ARRL Sweepstakes log from ADIF to Cabrillo View 3.39 MB (MP4)
  Download all tutorials as a single package Download 20.6 MB (ZIP)

To download Contest LogChecker please select one of the download sites below.
For best download speed you might consider selecting a mirror site close to your location.

Version Date Links Size
5.0 March 11, 2022 Download Link 1  (Ukraine)
Download Link 2  (USA)
Download Link 3  (Ukraine)
7.27 MB (ZIP)

Previous versions
Version Package Link Size
4.9 Setup Wizard (ZIP) Download 7.14 MB (ZIP)
4.8 Setup Wizard (ZIP) Download 6.78 MB (ZIP)
4.7 Setup Wizard (ZIP) Download 6.80 MB (ZIP)
4.6 Setup Wizard (ZIP) Download 6.71 MB (ZIP)
4.5 Setup Wizard (ZIP) Download 6.64 MB (ZIP)
4.4 Setup Wizard (ZIP) Download 6.56 MB (ZIP)
4.3 Setup Wizard (ZIP) Download 6.26 MB (ZIP)
4.2 Setup Wizard (ZIP) Download 6.89 MB (ZIP)
4.1 Setup Wizard (ZIP) Download 5.81 MB (ZIP)
4.0 Setup Wizard (ZIP) Download 5.49 MB (ZIP)
LogChecker is not free software. Unregistered copies of LogChecker are fully functional, but will save 100 lines of text and calculate statistics for CQ-WW and CQ-WPX Contests only. You can download and use LogChecker free of charge for a period of 30 days. After that period you have to either uninstall the software or register your copy of the LogChecker by sending an equivalent of 25 US Dollars.
Registering LogChecker will help to ensure that development of the program continues.
Once registered, you'll get a lifetime unlimited free access to any future release, without having to register again.
For early Windows 98 users only:
You shall first install the following Microsoft updates:
Microsoft Foundation Classes. In case you're experiencing error mentioning 'mfc42.dll', download the setup file below and install it before installing Contest LogChecker: VC6RedistSetup_enu.exe from www.microsoft.com;
Common Control Library Patch. Download file 50comupd.exe, install and reboot.
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