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Before contacting us, please read the Help file and the ReadMe file which are supplied with the product, as well as its FAQ page. You may find an answer to your question there. If not, you can write to one of our addresses listed below:
For questions regarding support, keys, and full versions:  support (at) dxshell.com
For questions regarding payment, orders, and advertising:   sales (at) dxshell.com
In order to receive the quickest email response, please select the address above that most accurately reflects the content of your question.

Many of the email messages received have NO RETURN ADDRESS. This makes it impossible for us to reply to your message. If you use the mail feature of your browser, PLEASE take a moment to ensure that your return address is correct. Your address should be visible on the screen when you are typing your message. If the address is incorrect you will need to update your email address in the Options section of your browser. If in doubt, please include your email address, phone number or fax number as part of your message.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not leave the Subject field blank and avoid using subjects like "Hi", "Hello", "Question", etc. Also avoid sending us message attachments (including screenshots), unless previous arrangements have been made. If you do send screenshots, use an archiver program like WinZip to compress them.
If you have a question about DXShell software (not billing issues!) and want an answer over instant messaging, please contact:


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